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Originally Posted by The IOM Ninja View Post
I disagree with you the OEM strut bar looks clean, your engine bay looks like a fracking candy cane.
LOL Like I care what you think. Because obviously you didn't even comprehend what I was saying. I didn't say anything about the way the OEM brace looks, it does look good and if I had the newer towers I'd have it on my car. This thread is about the way it's being mounted to the old style towers not the look of the brace it self. It obviously looks adapted at the mounting points and thats what looks bad and wrong.Tower braces should be added on first for their function and second for looks. Doing this is adding it purely for looks because I can't see how it can retain its fuctionality using spacers and long bolts, that defeats the purpose of the brace. So if your dumb enough to piss away your money on this kit just to have a tower brace for looks then go right a head. Oh wait maybe you already did thats probably why you're so pissy about it and took offense and felt the need to talk smack about my engine bay.

And what do the looks of my engine bay have to do with this thread ? The next time you bash on some ones car make sure you fully understand the thread and what the poster is saying (Insert derogatory name here )
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