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Originally Posted by jdarc1 View Post
Unfortunately gen =5 is correct. I had a similar situation with a valuable item in for repairs at a very prestigious facility. One of their employees went in at night after hours and robbed the place along with everyone items. I had to go through my insurance company to get reimbursed and my ins. Company went after the establishments I only got what my item was worth at the time of the theft. Nothing more or less. I know it sucks but its the truth. Actually I was not entitled to anything more. I was made whole. The original op is only entitled to be made whole again for what his vehicle was worth at the time of the incident. It does suck but its a reality. Now the dealership as a good gesture should work with him to get him back to where he was but its not mandatory.
You know, when you put it in those terms, I still think the OP only gets made whole with a new car.

Let me put it like this, now that you phrase it this way. If I had my Rolex, which I purchased new, in for repairs and it disappeared, I would not accept so called "market value" or a replacement used watch. I would take exactly and only a new equivalent.

That being stated, we're sitting here thinking that a new ZL1 will cost the dealership some unimaginable amount of money over what the insurance payout will be. Wrong, it wouldn't cost them that much. They wouldn't pay a sales commission on it and they would be paying actual cost on it. So basically they are being putzes by not just saying they'll take care of it.

Doesn't matter that much to me. I'll probably never be in a position to buy from that dealership as I probably won't live anywhere near there for no other reason than just because. But you never know what jobs might come my way. However, I'm sure this will end up costing them some business from members on this forum that will buy a car in that area at some point in the future and will drive a little further to go to another dealership.

Sorry I missed the live stream. Hopefully it will be up on the news' site soon for viewing.
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