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Originally Posted by xnuyokr View Post
I believe the water in the backseat issues are more about the water management bag than the tops. The original bags had one drain tube and tend to clog up with leaves. The new bags have multiple drains. Check yourself for a possible clogged drain before taking it to the dealer, (google it, I don't know myself). If it is clogged bring it in anyway so it is documented and push them to get the updated bag because it will most likely happen again. (I guess it wouldn't hurt to check it every so often)!

Good Luck

For everyone else, most of the issues were with mid 2012's and earlier model years. If you don't have a problem, don't sweat it, just enjoy your awesome cars.
Thank you very much for the response. I think I'll go to the dealer and have them check as it is under warranty. I live in South West Florida and the vehicle is garage kept. Besides, not very possible for a palm frond to fall into the bag and clog the drain hole. A coconut perhaps,but not a frond!
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