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Originally Posted by gutterball View Post
Have you tried a different dealership??
Not yet, I go in on Friday...fingers crossed

Originally Posted by HPerformance View Post
Hey Bud,

He paid for it himself.. We do a lot of Chain Jobs here.

Well if you put $3000 into it you will get more on trade in value then having a Camaro running like crap ... If you want a new car get the dealer to pay half the job and trade it in towards your new car.
I never planned on getting rid of the Camaro, wanted to store it permanently and buy another vehicle but wanted to drive it for another year.

Thanks for the info!!

My engine is running rough now and is making noise so not sure if the Motor is still okay or not. To me it sounded bad, and the rattle sound came around 2500rpm but could not be heard at idle, as well the power was surging off and on so not sure if the guy who reset my CEL, ended up changing engine parameters and therefore caused more damage or if its just the chains making the noise.

I took it down the street, heard the noise and brought it right back and its been parked since.

Originally Posted by redleader View Post
Hi HPerforance,

How many are V6 Camaro ? :-)

Would you advise early replacement before shit happens?
Is so, what would the process be?

JamesR [UK]
From what I gather, even the new chains will go and its seems to be around the 70,000km range or 40-50k miles

Originally Posted by HPerformance View Post
Hey Bud,

Most are Camaro's, Come are CTS, Equinox...

Really nothing to do , when the time is up it just happens.

You can replace them early if you feel you will keep your car long.
and somehow they decided to not include the camaros, ridiculous.

Originally Posted by TooCool5 View Post
I don't get this $2,500 thing. The replacement chain kit is $180, plus labor.
They do not have to pull the motor on the Camaro.

Try another dealer.
This exactly was my thought process. The motor does not need to be moved, its alot of work but no where near the amount of work as the Traverse or Acadia where they have to drop the motor.

Debating doing the chains myself. I am mechanically inclined, just not sure if there are any special tools I need to get access to the chains.
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