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Gforce 9" Leaking and Griding Issues

Hello all figured I'd post up get some opinions from those on here, I'd love to hear from some vendors. So I put my gforce kit in a few days ago and I noticed right off the bat it "clunks" going into gear when I shift. It feels like the whole differential is moving.

After taking the car around for a bit felt good but a little hard going into the gears not as smooth as I remember from stock. I come out to the garage and it smells like gear oil. I find a puddle of gear oil under the car . Wonderful. So I clean up the diff and I put some cardboard under it to see if it would leak anymore as I figured maybe it was overfilled and came out the vent. So upon inspection the next day I only saw a few drops(potentially residual fluid coming down the diff) so I decided to take it around the block quick. I got about 10ft out of my drive and it GRINDED almost didn't even want to go into 2nd. I tried going 2-3 and that was almost worse somehow. Now its straight back into the garage. I'm going to attempt to put some more fluid in it tonight and see what is up but I'm at a loss.

Could possibly be potentially trans related but I doubt it as it was smooth as butter before the install. Any thoughts and potentially ways to troubleshoot would be appreciated.
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