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Latest update. Tried 6F3R like Pedders says is a start place for street oem for the regular XA's.Didnt like it at first, again, and what alot of people with xa'a said, still that rear end bounce and firmess, like the tires were overinflated. Same result as when there is more rear rebound vs the front, but not as bad. Well today put the tires at 35/35 psi, they were 35/33, the old less air in the rear makes softer ride theory.Well not this time, the 315 invos on 10" rims, and invos in general seem to like more air, and that did the trick! 2 lousy psi with my setup and tires, got rid of the rear bounce its pretty compliant over that patched pavement, stable, softer yet solid and firm all at one time, a little firm gjiggle here and there but with this setup to be expected.On the freeway nice and composed, solid and stable and takes the drops in the concrete sections well and controlled, you bounce up a bit in the seat but my head didnt hit the roof this

Anyway great shocks and can adjust till the cows come home to whatever you haveas a setup and your roads, what you like as to ride feel and all that.

Any more info and you can find it in my new book to be released in a year named " The joy of adjusting shocks"
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