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Originally Posted by PfadtRacing View Post
Hey PMJ, just a quick comment, peoples reviews are going to be based on a bunch of variables, including their engine mods (like cam/exhaust etc) and trans type (auto is typically worse for NVH). Not to mention how subjective it is to begin with.

Our camaro mounts are literally the same design (not parts) as our Corvette mounts, which is a much "harsher" chassis overall, and we get the same response :most people love them but there are some that it is too much for.
As per overall client opinion, I do warn them that you will feel the "chassis" more through the steering wheel with the big loping cams. Some customers actually like the feel better because it cuts down on the overall body shake, but it will transmit a bit more through the chassis/steering wheel with a big loping cam. There is very little difference on a stock cam car as far as transmitted "noise" through the chassis.
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