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Originally Posted by 2ssblk11 View Post
Thats what im lookin to get, just cant decide on the 2.5 or 3 inch, just lookin at putting headers on and tuning it, already have the cai. Any advice? would the 3 inch be a waste or inefficiant?
Either way you go the connection point to the cats is 2 1/2 even on the 3" system.

The 2 1/2" has less clearance issues. I have the 3" I ended up needing a new tunnel brace, some heat shield bending and had to reroute the aluminum tranny vent line as it was barely clearing between the pipe and heatshield rear of the cross member.

99.9% of rattles are gone but, Still today when it rains i get brief rattles from the cold water hitting the hot pipes and expanding back and forth Tone changes dramatically in the rain as well.
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Fast cars have rubber on the quarter sissies need to knock it off.

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