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I hope I don't come across in the wrong way on this, because I say this with the best of intents, but the stiffer mounts won't actually cause any vibration...they will only slightly increase the vibrations transmitted that are already present. The trade-off between increased performance and transmitted vibration is always present when upgrading your drivetrain mounts, but we have done our best study the vibrations and minimize this trade-off. That being said, if there is a slight imbalance in the clutch/flywheel assembly already present, the factory mounts may help hide/dampen the vibration.

The only issue is....the factory mount isn't fixing the problem, it's just masking it. I think you are right on track though, lets see where that vibration is coming from and then take it from there. Ultimately, there will be a trade-off, but it shouldn't be an unbearable one. Let me know how I can help and I'll do my best!
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