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At higher speeds, however, is where one misses things like outward vision. The very low roof, high waistline, and wall-like rear pillars make the car drive big (not good for twisty two-laners), although the Challenger drives bigger yet. Lane-changing is a point-and-squirt affair rather than anything involving an over-the-shoulder check. The exterior mirrors help, with the bonus that they give you a close-up view of the Camaro’s sexy hips. The interior mirror is utterly useless; all one sees when glancing rearward is an ocean of black roof and C-pillars the width of a Sequoia (the tree or the Toyota).

Also disappointing are the hard plastics that we had hoped were banished from GM interiors, but they’ve clearly found their way inside the Camaro.
Furthermore, the inset dashboard trim piece that was to be rendered—at least optionally—in a cool illuminated band of light-tube trickery has now become a cloth insert. And finally, as great as the high-mounted squircle-shaped gauges and cool center stack look, the script is tiny and the buttons can be ergonomically challenging in operation.
Uggghhh. All my fun driving is on twisty, narrow two laners. The G8 is said to feel like it magically shrinks in the turns. Edmunds says the Camaro feels even bigger than it is in the turns. Now this is two reviews saying the same thing. I think I'm out of luck. It also doesn't help that apparently the interior quality won't be an upgrade for me. Not good. Not good at all.
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