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I just had mine replaced this week. I got it back yesterday, it is quoted as a 6 hour job but it took them 5 days to get it back to me. The dealer did this themselves which they clearly didn't know how to do. They leak tested it into day 3 and found it was draining into the car. They had some specialist come in to fix that. They did put the recall kit in but I did not ask for any part numbers. A simple cover in the trunk was not put back together properly (lazily looked over) and there is a rattle of a piece of metal in the side of my car that is either something that was dropped down there or something that is loose. They also put a big scratch in the "A" pillar, filled it with touch up paint and were not going to tell me about it. As if I wouldn't notice. Going back Monday to see how they are going to remedy all of this. Had to leave when I picked it up before I really lost it.
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