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Originally Posted by ROBZ 28 View Post
I believe its for anti vibration. Its still a crappy way of handling it.

No way is this effective vibration mitigation....this has to be an assembly snafu!!

If this addition of wheel balance weights to the outside of the calipers is in fact being allowed by GM quality and engineering staff to be delivered this way, then we should also expect to find a pair of vice grips attaching the transmission to the cross member reinforced with JB Weld!! This takes on the appearance of a Band-Aid over a bullet wound.......or perhaps these are simply spare wheel weights for future wheel balancing!!!

I would like to hear for our friends representing GM on this sight to chime in, but I assume it is being "looked into" before any public explanation is offered through official channels. If this was intended and allowed to pass through by quality control engineering, then it raises serious concerns that marketing is overriding engineering and quality control and forcing these early cars out the door.

Either way, I still want one, but WTF GM?????

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