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OK here goes: I F N love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As close to the concept as can be expected!!! Very good job Scott!!! I was worried at first but now the lump in my throat has convinced me that this will be one of the all time greatest cars! I was gonna hold out for the rag top but this car makes the old blood get to pumping faster than my first girlfriend. Makes me feel like that again! The first one I see I'm gonna have to chase the guy down and pay him for a ride in it! Absolutey cannot wait till they come out! This is it, what i have been waiting for. This is why my bonus room is painted Huggar Orange with black stripes around the wall. This is why I have bought 2 Concept model kits. This is why I will drive my crappy truck till then. This is why I will work overtime. This car is me. Thank you so very much GM.
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