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Originally Posted by SSBUSDRVR View Post
Right now running the Autometer Dash Controller Box along with Innovate Motorsports Wideband that uses the HUD,DIC and Radio Display to display AFR,IATs and a bunch of other parameters which you can customize in groups along with Cars aural "ding" for exceeding parameters. Pretty Cool and like it but may be going to change to a Standard Gauge Pod Setup. Cant use the Box and Datalog at same time (due to the little box hooking into the OBD Port which would like to do during what the Car was built for 1/2 mile Runs)
Very cool. I just purchased the autometer dash display (not the wideband part) in the hopes that it will display my replaced MAF sensor that can support up to 14 PSI, I haven't actually gotten the car back yet (in the tuning phase) but I have high hopes for it.
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