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Originally Posted by NXTLEVL View Post
Hi guys

I'll be going down the controlled clutch release path this winter as well. I ended up going with the Magnus clutch release valve (exactly the same as the MAP unit) and will also be using the LPE STOV-004 box to shut it and my 2-step down. Sounds like nearly identical to what you're doing Jayjellyfish212. My tranny is out for a refurbish now but as soon as I get it back I'll start the valve plumbing and wiring. It would be useful to compare notes.
Sounds good! I believe the MAP unit and Magnus unit are identical too! I'll be using the LPE STOV-004 box to shut it and my 2-step down so yup, we are both heading in the same direction looks like.

Update on my end with this mod:

The good-
I received the MAP hydraulic clutch controller yesterday. Looks as it does online but nice thing is that it is not as large or bulky as it looks online, so it should fit just about anywhere in the engine bay around the brake booster and stuff.

The concerns-
Two things I think I am going to change on the device itself is the size of the lines it comes with. It comes with 3/16 line and -3an style setup. I don’t want to down size anything in my existing clutch line since these cars with manual transmission are notorious for clutch pedal issues.

1- After looking this gadget over and using my engineering brain cells I am going to convert this gadget to 1/4 (7/16-24) and -an4.... as the existing clutch OEM line is 1/4 line at the hard line areas that are located around the firewall etc. This is pretty simple and doable and a extra step but I honestly feel it is the proper way to go when putting one of these on our gen5’s so the fluid line is all 1/4 in nature and I know will keep everything working with out questioning if there was ever an issue I will know for sure it’s nothing to do with the line size at all since it will be same as stock size inner diameter. Obviously all lines added will have to be 1/4 hard brake lines or PTFE line only. I will go with the PTFE type myself for this mod. Last year or so ago i relocated my ABS unit and any brake lines connected to it. So luckily I have all the flaring stuff to tap into the existing line part of the clutch.

2- I plan to change the way the tee fittings run the direction of the fluid as well on the device, so the way they have the set up to the solenoid the in feed is at the mid part of the tee. I will change this so it is in basically reverse of how they have it, so my main feed line goes ( feeds) straight in the tee fitting and the adjuster knob valve part ( feed) is in the middle ( not a big deal and simple to do just by changing the orientations of the feed line etc.) I will make the exiting this way as well.

Side note-
One thing also I believe for any of these devices to work on our gen5’s is there can not be any spring action. By this I mean the factory clutch pedal spring definitely has to be removed. I’m using currently the LPE clutch pedal return spring but this will need to be removed as well.... so no spring at all on our clutch pedals for this to work correctly is what I’m seeing.

I may just bite the Bullet and upgrade the clutch master cylinder using the Tick performance adjustable one as it is the upgrade for these cars and it will already have the cylinder converted to-4an. This will make the entire connections all 1/4” or -4an and make it really easy to install on the mechanical part of the install. This make sense to me to upgrade since everything else on my clutch system is all upgraded other than the master cylinder.

I only am proceeding with good brainstorming and caution so this all goes smoothly because I had my clutch pedal once stick to the floor and it sucked. Never had any issues prior to that one time. I did already have the separate clutch GTO reservoir mod done and upgraded the fluid to high end Dot4 fluid long before that one time happened to me. I ended up upgrading my entire clutch to McLoad twin, slave cylinder, billet sleeve and did the remote speed bleeder while I was at it. I put the LPE spring in to at that time. All has been well so I just want to make sure anything I introduce in the clutch system is well planned.

I will post some pictures soon once i get a few more things delivered and hopefully this all makes more
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