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Originally Posted by NXTLEVL View Post
Hi Jay

I saw your comments in the clutch hose thread. Now you've got me thinking I need to upgrade to -4an stuff. That would be quite a pain in the ass and financially annoying as well seeing the cost of the valve and needing to replace all the lines and fittings. I guess I'll let you be the pioneer on this one. LOL
Happy to help. If you got time to hold off a little bit on yours Iíll definitely have this all planned out for use on our gen5ís... these devices are sold as universal kits so you gotta take the time to properly adapt something like this to the gen5 since the clutch pedal system has its know headaches.. lol. The extra fittings should only be 20-30 bucks so you could adapt it properly.

Iíll definitely get this thing ready for a super clean and functional engine bay is clean as a whistle so I always go in with a clean install plan.

Itís just gonna require a few extra fittings to do it.. I got a few fittings on order and have 2 ways to install the device depending on if you keep the oem master cylinder or change to the Tick master cylinder. Both ways on either cylinder will be vary similar but one will have a male an4 for the Tick and the other will have a 7/16-24 to an4 for those who have the OEM master cylinder.

I just wanna make sure the main function and line from master cylinder to transmission is always 4an or equivalent as 1/4 line. Iím planning on setting it up so the main pass through of the solenoid from the master cylinder is 4an/ 1/4 and then out of solenoid to line going to trans is as well 4an/ 1/4. For the adjustable needle valve that teeís out that slows the pedal down once solenoid is closed Iím planning keeping to the 3an/ 3/16... makes sense to allow that area of line to be 3/16/3an since we are trying to squeeze the fluid to a slow return via the adjustable needle valve. Once I get the game plan situation set for the mechanical part Iíll then move on to the electronic control of this device. I pretty much have that part planned out already but just want my buddy who is a genius with electronics look it over so we can simply arm this thing with a momentary switch and then turn it off at the chosen MPH along with the 2step as well. Pretty much just gonna need to set up 2 relays and the switch including the LPE Controller.
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