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Originally Posted by RupertPupkin View Post
NOICE!!! U still keeping the manual trans, or going auto?

Originally Posted by Black_SS10 View Post
I'm really excited. Not about the money spending part though.

I hope the ESS kit is everything you expect it to be! Sounds like there's less stuff to break and or go wrong. I'm looking for the twin turbo setup to push 1k whp, without a sweat. I am leaning towards AGP. We shall see.
I'm impressed with the ESS Tuning stuff. Easy (for me) to install, no maintenance, and makes great power. Even on the SBE using the smaller G3X it made 950ish. I'd imagine this 427 and G4X will give me all the power I can handle. Gonna need 15inch wheels soon.

Originally Posted by RobZL1 View Post
Nice! If you don't like those heads, you can just send 'em to me. I'll take good care of them for you. LOL.
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