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Originally Posted by racesloth View Post
ZL1 Diff and half shafts are on the way. I will drop cradle to completely clean and repaint everything. Install DSE solid cradle bushings and Z28 upper inner control are bushings. That should do it for any wheel hop since all of the other arms and rods are BMR. I will also fill in the voids of the diff mount bushings with 3M Expoxy Urethane that is used for installing windshields.

I know its easy to spend other peoples money, but it would be a great time to do a 15 inch conversion. Even if you just do the BMR drag kit, (coilovers and control arms) now, while you have the cradle out. You can do the brakes and wheels later. Just a thought.

I'll be shopping for the zl1 diff/axles real soon im sure..
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