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Intermittent Metal Noise

I have been hearing a metallic scraping noise for awhile. I havenít posted because I have been trying to isolate it, but no luck. The noise only happens when Iím driving, I will come to a stop and it will continue. But if I leave it in N and get out to listen it doesnít make the noise.

I have gone from thinking it was brakes (ruled out when it continues at a stop), to thinking it is a loose bolt on something in the drive belt. It comes and it goes and I havenít found a commonality of when the noise happens.

I do know this, when the noise is happening and I hit a bump the noise clanks.

Car is running fine. Recent project is install of AGP dual fuel pump about 500 miles on it. Installed LSA 5,000 miles ago. Rear cradle bushings 500 miles ago.

Been busy figuring out boost line issue (separate thread) that I havenít dealt with this. But now that I am sure my boost line issue isnít major I am more concerned with this noise.

Anyone had this? Ideas on how to isolate/rule things out?
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