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Originally Posted by Valkyrie14 View Post
I watched a really good generic video on manual transmission noises. Granted the M6 may be different from what he showed. The throw out bearing would be affected by clutch use and that doesnít seem to be the issue because the noise was unaffected by the clutch going in or out. Also, the noise in 4th would mean something, but that wasnít it. Then going in neutral at 40 mph, which didnít do anything either.

I did figure out that above 40 the noise doesnít really occur. It is more in stop and start situations. It is definitely something that spins whether I am in gear or neutral, moving and at a stop. I am leaning transmission, but not sure what?
I have a similar sound but looking more forward a vaccum related issue (another thread, long story)

Does it sound like two metal disks spinning together making a sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, metallic whirring? Not like a knock, but just a rotational sort-of-grinding noise? Kind of like a diesel engines sound but milder. With the high pitched portion
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