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So I took it to a guy here, found a good mechanic by the way, we put it up on the lift to listen to it while it was running. Found the noise in 5 minutes.

The drive shaft loop was barely touching the exhaust pipes. The echo on the pipe was sending noise everywhere.

So...what had happened was...when I dropped my tank I had to drop the pipes and driveshaft. When I reinstalled the drive shaft loop I noticed two weird ground down washer that sat in between the plates on the bottom of the loop. I wanted the plates to be flush for strength. Turns out the the previous owner knew what he was doing. The washers put the loop at just the right angle to keep the top of the loop from touching the pipes.

Happy ending to the story that cost nothing to fix. The new mechanic is a transmission guy. We got to talking about a double clutch and now I am thinking about that.
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