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P0174 Diagnosis help needed

I have a '12 Camaro LT - V6 that hasn't set the CEL yet, but has a stored p0174 code. LTFT is showing around 13% on bank 2 and 0-1% bank1. I've checked around and as far as I can tell, bank 2 is the driver side of the engine. What would cause a lean condition on 1 side only? I have come across some threads stating MAF sensor issues, but I would assume that a bad or dirty MAF would cause issues on both sides. Same would go for vacuum leaks right?
I did replace the PCV valve recently, as it was pretty clogged up. Would the fresh air inlet on the driver side valve cover be a possible issue? I can't see that causing this but at this point I'm at a loss.

Anyone have an idea of where else I could look?
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