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Originally Posted by mikepage0007 View Post
white calipers are a bad choice, will show way to much brake dust, also if doing calipers, change pads to ceramic pads{less dust} ...i still say , go with a black and white heritage grille, black /white bowties and do the calipers gloss black with white chevrolet lettering...and gloss black fender emblems..along with black tailight trim..jmo...drago, go to photoshop brd and look up brunogadget, he will hook you pic of your car with some ideas i just gave you and he will hook you up with some good ideas
Dunno Mike- most people don't like the chrome/polished look, but I actually do... putting more on, actually... maybe you'll come around once theres more to it???? IDK... just my personal taste...

Definitely agree with the calipers... not high on my list, but with as much dust as they throw out, white is DEFINITELY not on my list....

Started a whole engine project (that's my unveiling at our next meet...) but put the brakes on mid-way... dunno if it's worth the $$$ I was looking at if I do end up with a Supercharger or something similar in the future... decisions decisions...)
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