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JUSTICE - 2015 1LT OBE - Journal

I figured I'd start my own thread instead of hitch hiking on someone else's, like @hammdo's. He probably doesn't mind much but I reckon it'd be better if I don't clutter up his thread with my stuff.

This will likely be a thread that goes for long spells without updates. So far I've done a grand total of three mods since I bought my Camaro in September of 2015. None of them could be considered extravagant in any sense of the word.

The two go/no go options for my choice were color and the radio had to synch with my android phone without much trouble. Everything else was negotiable.

When I was younger I was all "standard or nuthin'!" I preferred an automatic because I've had all the clutch action I can stand with around 25 years driving line trucks, bucket trucks, split diff and other commercial vehicles during my career as a power lineman. That experience pretty much rubbed all the fun out of manual transmissions.

I'd been watching Camaro's since the first 5th gen concept showed up in Transformers. Still had kids, and for a few years grandkids, living in my house so hung on to my '04 Impala. Think it was around 2013 I started spending quite a bit of time drooling over builds and rebuilds on the Chevy site and wondering if I could afford a 1 or 2SS. Ya' know, because V8. Saw the IBM and the BRM colors were pretty close to the color I was looking for and almost pulled the trigger in 2014 after a trip to the Bahamas when I rented a red V6 while in Miami. Got pre-approved for the then price of a 1SS but didn't really want to take on the payment. Didn't have much but my Impala to trade in for a down payment so squashed the desire at the time. Cut to summer of 2015 and I spent more than a few minutes trolling Chevy's site and other car sites, still drooling over Camaro builds and keeping an eye on prices and things. I spotted a BVM at the local Chevy dealer here and called them up to make sure they still had it, sent a message to my wife asking if we ought to go look at it. She told me later after she got that message she immediately remarked to her co-workers that we're about to buy a new car. I hadn't actually got that far in my thinking yet. At any rate, I dropped by the dealer, found the one they'd advertised was an 1 or 2LS and had that base radio. I never even test drove that one. Spent 20 minutes trying to pair my phone and get some music playing and when neither I nor the young salesman could figure it out, even after reading the manual, turns out that radio only paired with Androids for phone calls, I got out and said I didn't want that car. I'm sure most of you can guess what happened next. A senior salesman got involved and asked would I buy one if they could get the mylink in a car the color I wanted. I told him yup and here we are.

At any rate, that's my intro for this journal thread. Don't think I can rightly call it a build thread.
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