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Originally Posted by Russell James View Post
It never hurts to add a huge ground cable from each head to the chassis, and one from the block to chassis. Especially on a modded car with a very strong ignition set up.

On my '69 I was having trouble with misfires, fouling plugs, killing plug wires... All on one bank. Turns out only the block and one head had a big ground strap. Put a ground strap on the other head... all ignition problems gone... plugs and wires last forever now. MSD's tech line helped me with that one. They said... many think that headbolts would provide a good ground path to the block - they don't. Each head and the block often need their own separate ground strap, and not just a wire, an actual heavy gauge ground strap.

Just in case anyone ever runs into a weird ignition problem. I've helped a few others at the drag strip pulling their hair out over ignition problems when I spot a head with no big ground strap. That plug is firing a lot of voltage that needs a direct path to ground.
Excellent advice!
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