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Originally Posted by Ron71 View Post
Could you post a picture of the stops you adjusted please?
I don't have any pictures right now, and it's raining with not a good forecast right now, but if you look down inside where the arms are you will see what looks like a bolt with a plastic button on top of it. There are two of these on each side. One is close to the opening just below the side arms and when the top is down nothing touches these, those are the up stops. The other one is deeper down below the first one that is the down stop, they determine how far the top actually will go down and they should be in contact with the top frame when the top is completely down.
Each one has a 10mm locking nut on the back side. Make sure they are adjusted equally on both sides. On mine I had to adjust all 4 all the way in to get the top to sit correctly. I think in other threads people have posted pictures of these stops, I will look to see if I can find any and post them here.
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