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Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 View Post
You know... For track time per dollar spent, he has a pretty good plan in place using the factory rotors he can pick up for pennies on the dollar, and spending the money saved upgrading the helmet contents
This was actually my plan. Brake fluid, pads, and take-off rotors are relatively inexpensive. Four track events should cost me 2 sets of front pads, 2 sets of front rotors, 1 set of rear pads, 1 set of rear rotors, and if I change my fluid each time, 4 quarts of fluid. My cost for brake consumables here is around $600, and some of my time to do the work.

On the other hand, a big brake kit front and back is $5000. A set of front Racing Brake 2 piece rotors is $1000. And I'm assuming I'll still be going through pads/fluid like before. Maybe the rotors will last longer, but warping a $500 rotor is the same as if I warped TEN $50 rotors.
2017 ZL1 (on order)
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