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Originally Posted by RedWingsZL1 View Post
I'm right there with you regarding building a faster car for less. It's very much so do-able. Just like all the ZL1 guys can add a cam, CAI, LT headers, and pulleys to make-up the 300lb weight difference. OR just order the brake kit whenever it becomes available, and order the lighter rear-window. The glory if today's era is that while we're stuck with one engine block, there's no stopping you from doing whatever you want and ending up with a car that fits your needs and your wants.

I just can't wait to hear that whine of the supercharger on my ZL1. Plus, even if a Z28 is faster, i'll let him beat me once. After that we'll just go hunt mustangs together
well you sound like the type of guy i'd share some beer with! i bought my shell for $2500 so i think i made a good investment since all it needs is the engine, trans and rear everything else is there if i get out there to a power tour or a C5fest in the midwest i'll buy you the first pitcher! after driving of course!
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