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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
Speaking of Ford...and their Spring '14 release...does anyone figure they're burnin' the midnite oil figgerin' out what to do to match the "Heavy Chevy"?
I doubt it. Remember Ford started the original pony car and still kept it going. Camaro's were non existant in this century. Now that GM has caught up, Ford will bring about a new series of engines some of which are turbo charged D.I..all the goodies. I thank GM and Ford for both bringing us some badass cars. These will not last too long, when CAFE rules start hitting us hard in 2016.

The 2015 mustang gt will probably have as much hp as a base c7. That new 5.0 engine is a thing of beauty. I'm not even swinging on Ford's nuts lol but like aonther guy posted it..we all are living in a muscle car nirvana.

Let's see how the 2016 Camaro's always a game of catchup.

Meanwhile in the mopar camp....
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