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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Looks pretty good to me. I'm thinking they've got the power up to above 520 hp so it could be as high as 540; they certainly have the technology to do it. Al O said they exceeded their goal of 100 lbs less than an SS so the Z/28 is more than 100 lbs lighter, we just don't know how much more. It could be closer to 3,700 lbs. Heck I've got my SS down to 3,688 and that's with full stock interior, radio, speakers, carpeting, sound-proofing, A/C, etc. so I think it's quite possible they may have gotten the weight down below 3,700 lbs.

It's clear they don't want to give away all their advantages at this point because I'm sure both Ford and Dodge would LOVE to know what numbers they need to beat hehe. Man it's sure a great time to be a performance enthusiast.
I'm not sure I can see the power being pushed up that high. It seems like a lot more than a CAI, headers and a tune can deliver. They would have to change the cam at least, right?

I think they will wait until it is almost released before we start seeing hard numbers. I don't think they want a repeat of the ZL1.
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