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Originally Posted by Justin Moreno View Post
The 1le beat the ls3 c6's lap times on several tracks regardless of the 600lb weight disadvantage. Wouldn't be surprised if the z/28 beats the ls7 c6 as well with all they have put in to it. The z07 is much tougher competition with its suspension upgrades. We'll see. Looking forward to what Stielow has in store for us.
I think the main point is that they aren't done with the Z/28. They won't release the ring times/ exact specs until it is finished. They gave us glimpse of how fast it is by saying that it's 3 seconds faster around Milford than the ZL1. I am certain that tires can make a big difference, but I am also fairly certain that swapping tires on the ZL1 isn't going to make that difference up. We also don't know what tires the ZL1 was running for the comparison.

They have said that the Z/28 will be faster than the Zl1. I believe them others don't. I'm sure we will see a comparison between the two with the same tires when the time comes.

Finally there is no way the Z/28 will be faster than the Z07. ZL1 is a pretty tall order but they have already thrown that gauntlet down, faster than a Z06 would be amazing.
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