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Originally Posted by BaylorCamaro View Post
Can anyone confirm if Pedders front sway bar (428020-27A) is compatible with a 2013 ZL1?
Yes and no. You can use it with the OEM ZL1 bar, but I don't recommend it.

All main stream automobile manufacturers build understeer into their vehicles for safety and liability. The vast majority of drivers will apply their brakes when a vehicle starts to slide. This is especially true since the introduction of ABS brakes. Stand on the ABS and things will get better with a vehicle that understeers. On a vehicle that oversteers, lifting off the accelerator will make things worse.

Knowing this, a performance driver will opt for a larger than stock rear bar and a smaller than stock front bar ratio setup. This brings the OE understeer to a more neutral or oversteer bias. A 1LE delivers with the same size front and rear tires to deliver a more neutral 5th Gen. The square tire setup makes the 1LE so neutral the OE engineers made the front sway bar larger than the ZL1 to bring back a slight understeer bias. 1LE owners will benefit from the installation of an OE ZL1 front bar. ZL1 owners will benefit from installing a 32mm rear bar with the OEM front bar.

An adjustable front 27mm bar set to soft will function close to a 26mm bar. Pair that with a 32mm rear Z style bar and you have 6mm of 'ovcersteer' bias. A 28mm rear ZL1 / 1LE bar mated to a 23mm front bar is a difference of 5mm. You get the idea.

I am woefully behind on my PMs. I hope this helps about 10 C5 members with pending PMs.
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