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Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 View Post
If I missed the order, did you happen to order more shirts for those of us that procrasinated? If yes, then I assume it would be first come first served basis?

If not, is there a time limit the shirts need to be paid for before they go on sale as first come first serve?
We did order extras..... many extras we ordered, I won't say...but first come first serve is exactly right. Before I go into much more detail, I will say that Al will take care of any late orders from here on that's now out of my hands. I have all the members specific orders....and they have "dibs" on their shirts when they come in. They just need to pay and Al will ship them out. Of course, if someone doesn't pay, after being reminded repeatedly......they lose their shirts to those who will want them. So, I would like to have payment done by Indy so when Al gets back from the show, he can just ship them all out.

I imagine the extras we got are probably all going to sell out at Indy w/out fail. So, if you do want to get a couple and didn't get to place the order in the previous thread, talk to Al. He'll be the one to ask.
Originally Posted by Kenz Camaro View Post
Done (with PayPal),
Thanx Tag! (and Al!)
You are very welcome, Kenz. Thanks for doing the pre-pay for Al.

You's funny how all this started ....out of the desire to have a single shirt to kind of promote the site. Now..not just one, but 217+ orders?!?! WOAH!

I can't even begin to tell everyone here how incredibly happy that all of this is working out. Everything has been taken care of so the shirts are going to the printer. The only part left to be taken care of is the payment. Right after Indy, all shirts go out to those who paid.

Another cool part?? Just wait to see ALL those pix from Indy with us wearing the shirts!
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