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Originally Posted by lbls1 View Post
They're good. I really like the first post. The second post is overpriced...way overpriced.

Shop around. There are some good ones, and there are a lot of dogs out there. Verify first that its an SS, then look them over good. Bear in mind that in reality at best they are worth roughly 15,000 for an excellent one, and those wanting more are really robbing you blind. I'm not too keen on the values either, but they are what they are. Keep in mind your use as well. If its a car with no miles, then that's not a bargain unless you intend to use it as a paperweight. I love 4th gens, but its not an easy car to own or shop for so shop carefully.
If you can find a GMMG or Berger car for 15,000 or less let me know! If you think those cars are over priced . . . well Iím not too sure what to tell you. SS cars with low low mileage go that. Hell I was looking at buying a 1 of 5 1LE Hugger Orange SS a year ago, he wanted 15k for it . . . even with 175k on the clock! I only had 10, a few inquires later and 2 weeks time and he sold it for 15k. Itís a rare car, not only for the option but also the color. Normal Hugger Orange SS cars are going for the mid 20ís and are selling for that, those are cars with 40-50k on them. Need to know the significance of these cars. A 5th gen and 6th gen SS, ZL1 and 1LE are a dim a dozen and thatíll hurt there value in a few years.
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