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I think it'll be a close race. Few things I would like to say are

a. The camaro is underrated just like corvette. So, I think race against a enthusiast (just above base model incl. Viscous LSD) model will be very interesting.

b. I believe 350Z has 3:42 gears. I do not have any idea what gears the new camaro will have. Gears DOES make a big difference.

c. 350Zs tend to have a pretty good top end and I think (if anything) that's where it will shine. I can def see the camaro take off real quick ahead of the Z in the begining due to high tq numbers but 350Z will catch up to it due to it's good top end. (I have no idea how good the top end on the new camaro)

d. I have the low rev high torque engine which is rated at 287 HP and 273 ft lbs of tq. I personally think my car is not a fast car really. It has a better exhaust tone and might handle a little bit better on autoxing .

So, if I were to put money on this race, I'd put money on the Camaro but it'll be a good race to watch. Outcome MAY be complete different than my expectations .

Da*n, why it is not 2009 yet ...


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