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Originally Posted by OverZeaLouS View Post
Sick sick sick... this car is disgusting! And I mean that in the best way possible. Its gorgeous. I hope some of thes features go in the SS. Like the new steering wheel, new shift knob design. I know the suede is probably ZL1 exclusive but I'm hoping we see some new type of contrast in the interior for the SS.
Also I think its still not too late to ressurect the Z/28 name. They should get rid of the 1SS, then make a new interior with cloth seats and leather bolsters. a few weight reduction treatments and rid of power seats and all of the unnecessary tech stuff. Lighter weight wheels than the SS, a more aggressive tune. and call it the Z/28. So the SS will ride the same as it does unless u opt for the suspension package but the Z will be stripped with a standard susp package and more aggressive tranny. Possibly giving the Z around 20 more horses. Let's say the SS gets 430hp and the Z gets 450hp with 60lbs cut from it.that would be a nice package for a Z/28.
If they make a Z28, it better whoop the BOSS mustang lol. The damn weight is the problem. Adjustable shocks like the boss has without the electronic control would be nice
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