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Originally Posted by Butcher View Post
Wow, I'm kinda surprised at how many clueless people are posting in this thread.

The $100,000 was for three things. 1) The name of the car builder. 2) The first car of a production line. 3) For charity. If the person that bought this car payed the full tax rate, they really only would have payed $64,000 for it. They would have saved $36,000 in taxes. Of course the person that bought this car won't pay anywhere near the full tax rate, so this car probably cost them a little over $80,000. By the way, I would bet that Rick Hendick bought this car.

This car probably has more than just a few bolt-ons. If this car is sold through Chevy dealers, it will probably have a 3/36,000 warranty. That means that they didn't just bolt a supercharger on to it. At a minimum they had to upgrade the clutch, and possibly upgrade the half-shafts. Saleen upgraded the body, interior, motor, drivetrain, brakes, suspension and wheels & tires. Steve probably realized that He would have to keep the price point below that of the ZL1. The only way He could charge more than a ZL1 is if his car out-performed the ZL1 in every way. I doubt Chevy would let that happen. The reason it doesn't look like the rendering is because renderings don't have a price point, but actual production cars do. I'll be curious to see what the MSRP is and what the performance numbers are when this car hits the street. But that's what is great about the car culture. If you think that you can build a better car than SMS for less money, then you are more than welcome to try it.
You seem to be the clueless one here.. Not much effort put into this car. Basically they Just slapped on some aftermarket parts that was not even made by them and anyone could buy. People were expecting more like what they do with there mustangs. New bumpers, grills, and GFX etc. There are plenty of better built Camaros on this site that cost less.
Camaro SOLD :(
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