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I too have a rally yellow. I went with the SLP. It is very high quality and there is no way it is coming off. It really give the car a more aggressive look. This is the cheapest way to change that front end look without doing the ZL1 swap.

Here is a thread I started when I installed mine:

Originally Posted by MzCamaro View Post
Hello All!
So, I've been doing my research for over a month now on front splitters for my 2012 Rally Yellow SS. I've talked to a few people about which kind, brand and style to buy. However, even after a month I'm still more confused than ever.

My wishes for a front splitter are as follows:

Looks similar to the ZL1 or 1LE stock splitter
High quality material / won't easily fall off
Carbon fiber - which brings up a different question. Should I wrap whatever splitter I get or should I get it in hydro-carbon fiber? (I don't even know if ACTUAL carbon fiber is an option?)

I'm just all confused. Not sure what to do. Any advice will be appreciated at this point.

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