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Originally Posted by TRC-SS View Post
Wow bud that looks awesome.

Honestly i was going to get ABM when i was looking to order my car. But i decided instead of getting my car in sept of 2010 i would wait until after winter and order it in the spring....well as everyone knows the color got discontinued so i went with IOM.

So needless to say this edit looks awesome!!

IOM is awesome too. Love the black and orange together. SF Giants colors, my favorite team ;-)

When 2014 model comes out I'm going to get it in blue ray metallic. I really love that Hot Wheels special edition color too but they are discontinuing it. Tempted to get SS, but I really don't need that much horsepower. Would rather get better gas mileage and save a few bucks commuting to work.

Love the hood on your car! Totally bad ass!
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