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Originally Posted by Black Jacket Films View Post
You've spoken and we've listened…

We noticed there has been a discrepancy about how much the DVD will cost.

Because we value your input and plan on doing this for the years to come we here at Black Jacket Films have decided to maintain the Pre-Order sale price of just $30

We are currently in the process of finalizing an exciting event DVD with a run time of approximately 40 Minutes

We appreciate your feedback as this video project was conceived by 3 speed fans interested in filming the C5F4 event. Thanks to the Camaro5Fest team and GM for embracing our vision and giving us the access and opportunity to film. We really appreciate everyones enthusiasm about this project, as all DVD sales simply go to cover our production costs. Again, we appreciate your support and hope you enjoy the video.

Included in this DVD:

-Brief History of The Camaro
-Featured Vendor Interviews
-Event and Historical Photos
-Professional Narration
-Drag Racing and Auto Cross Coverage
-Camaro Community Night Life

We hope this addresses some of your concerns if any.

To obtain your copy of Camaro5Fest 4 on DVD just go to:


If you have any questions feel free to E-MAIL us at:

OR call 408-50-VIDEO
Thanks for the update...

Ordering mine SOON...

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