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Originally Posted by ToolFan66 View Post
It's always easier to find the negitive then the positive, and nobody can make everybody happy, there will always be those customers that are never happy, because in reality they think their everyday life sucks..

And more bad experiences get headlines then positive. I also think some people feed on the negitive (like a cancer) and they don't even have any experience with the situation or product..

It's easier to throw someone under the bus, then it is to help them up, and dust them off..

Just my .02
Agreed and this is why I am not naming any of the vendors I feel have taken a turn in the wrong direction, you can just assume they are not on my list becasue I have never dealt with them. And I know not everyone can make eveyone happy but I guess I am just shocked at some of the stuff I am seeing and reading lately.
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