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Originally Posted by 13F20 View Post
Not for the Camaro SS. But I did go threw Gecko and said I wanted to do full coverage on a 2008 Corvette and I have a couple of crashes. The quote was $96.00 per mo.

Just testing the waters. By the way I am 29yrs old.
I dunno if anyone mentioned it already, but the Corvette is considered a luxury car so insurance rates are lower than with a sports car.

But according to that list, my GTO would have a lower insurance rate than the OPs G5.

It looks like safety features (which the Camaro has more of than the GTO) and likelyhood of bodily injury to passengers as well as the cost of repairs (the gtos was pretty high) have a big influence.

If the cars are in the same class, the Camaro should be cheaper than the GTO. And the insurance on the GTO is cheaper than my buddy's Mazda3 so if that's any indication...
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