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Originally Posted by lalometalik View Post
i called AAA to get a rough idea on what i might be paying once i get the camaro. so i used a 2008 Ford Mustang GT as an example; since the person on the phone had to go off their 'computer' to get quotes, and undoubtedly, the Camaro wasnt in their system yet.
im 22, good driving record, single. to make a long story short, i would end up paying around $300/month for 9 months, if i went with a $2000 deductible(their max).

From what im reading on this thread, my quote sounds a little TOO high. i will have to call them back with a car that better resembles the Camaro.

any ideas on what car i should choose to call them back with????


I'm a claims adjuster for AAA, and I can tell you that your age combined with the kind of vehicle you asked for a quote on is what led to the high price. 300.00 a month still sounds a little steep, but you may want to try to get coverage under your parents' policy. In any case, $ for $ I've got to say AAA is one of the best companies you can go with overall; we LOOK for ways to waive your deductible and my pay increases/bonuses/promotions are based 60% on customer service surveys so we HAVE to get the job done and keep you informed every step of the way. USAA is good too, problem is they'll boost your rates for every claim, whether it's your fault or not or it's just a comprehensive (like vandalism)... we won't. I'm no AAA cheerleader because i absolutley HATE my job, but I work with almost every other insurance company every day and I can honestly say we really do all we can to be fair and take care of you. With all that said, the rates generally aren't that bad... you're just young as hell trying to get a HiPo car = HIGH RISK = HIGH PREMIUMS!

And what part of Carson are you in? I live in Santa Clarita now but I stayed in Carson for a while; that city's like a second home to me... I still drive all the way down there every 2 weeks to get my hair cut!

And ucla1ove3... GO BRUINS!! (I'm a baby bear alumni)
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