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Originally Posted by LSxJunkie View Post
It's great living in NJ/NY.

East Coast Supercharging (does a lot more than just blowers. A lot of my close friends prefer ECS. They're expensive, but they build a shit ton of reliable power.)


TT Performance (TTP. Some of my other friends swear by TTP. They've always been treated well.)

Tune Time Performance (not TTP, but I hear that name a lot with the TBSS guys)

Kaltech (Kaltech sponsors a close friend of mine, and her GTO runs like a raped ape consistently enough to be competitive)

Corvettes of Westchester (did the install on my friend's heads/cam car)

Vette Doctors

and so on and so forth.

Then you have your big names, all over the country.

Katech (they do the motors for the C6.Rs and build some of the baddest, most durable road race LSx cars. Hope you have a lot of coin though.)

Lingenfelter (big coin, I've heard questionable things since John died. Still a big national name in tuning though)

LG Motorsports (decent coin, very established in road racing. Nasty cams, and a big selection of them. Very popular.)

Texas Speed (their cam grinds are very popular. See their cams in a lot of cars.)

Quality Motorsports (don't know much about them besides the fact that they hit 600whp with their heads/cam in the LS7, so they're popular with the C6Z crowd)

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. I know I left out a lot, but that's a start.
We will also be in the mix as well.I will agree with a couple of the above for being premier shops - Quality motorsports(We work together on a daily basis) Lingenfelter Performance Engineering(Recently bought back by a Genuine Lingenfelter,they will lead and others will follow)

A little about me-AUTOMOTIVE TUNING, BY ADM PERFORMANCE Why is tuning necessary? A high-quality tune will get the most performance out of your vehicle…. more than ever when money has been spent on dyno proven parts built and distributed at ADM Performance. Why Choose ADM? When automotive enthusiasts spend money they want results, results Come from time tested data and many hours on a chassis dyno and street.ADM has spent the hours testing their products and with out a doubt gives you the results you’re looking for. Were did ADM come from?ADM performance was created on April 31st 2006,to supply and support a platform that no one else was working on-Chevrolet Trailblazer SS.We created the first 100mm Intake system using our own 100mm mass airflow sensor housing and filter system. This product was derived from some previous testing on a LS6, LS2, and LS7 powered Corvettes, results were less than stellar. We implemented the same parts for the trailblazer and came up with one of the most sought after Intakes for the Trailblazer SS of its time. Shortly after the newness wore off our test mule, we went after an electric fan conversion kit.ADM was the first to offer a complete bolt in kit for 2006 ZO6 Electric fan into a Trailblazer SS.After many weeks of testing in the hot Texas heat we came back with yet another proven performance part that would give the trailblazer the added edge it need to crush the competition.

ADM before the Trailblazer SS – 1985, Year I got my first turbo car, Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo. Enhancements by CARTECH (Famed Corky Bell).1987 another Mitsubishi Mirage Turbo. Enhanced by CARTECH and my self.1989 Honda Civic Si –Enhanced by HKS,Cartech,Roy Gude built by self.1995 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 Enhanced by Motorsport Technologies and built by Motorsport Technologies.1999-2001 Mazda RX7 –Enhanced by Rotary Performance and Haltech Fuel Injection built by self, 2001 Chevrolet Corvette Z06-Enhanced by Lingenfelter Performance Engineering parts build by self.2005,1999 Corvette Enhanced by Lingenfelter Performance Engineering parts build by self.2006 Trailblazer SS By Lingenfelter Performance engineering parts build by self. Year 2002- Trained at Lingenfelter Performance Engineering under the command of John Lingenfelter and Employees. Worked as lead Installer and Tuner for 21ST Century Musclecars, owned and operated by Kerri Lingenfelter in Dallas Texas. Year 2006 –Created ADM Performance to help continue lsx tuning and product development and design. Year 2008 – Started aftermarket parts development for Chevy HHR SS.


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