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Originally Posted by Jonmartin View Post
I was looking at the G6X3 cams for the LS3 Vette from LG Motorsports and I'm confused about that concept they Claim that Cams,Stage 1 Heads, Headers, Exhaust , Intake makes 517Whp ? I was surprised and intrigued is that alot of work? Am I correct in thinking that these parts can be bolted to the Camaro?

I found it here with a Vid.

Also what are the Con's if any of doing these mods besides loss of warranty?
Yes they will all bolt up to a Camaro (the headers and catback will be bespoke, but the rest will)

With a cam that big, you're going to have a lot of lope, possible some surge, and you're going to lose some streetability. Even with the best tuner, the nature of a cam that has that much lift, duration, and overlap is kinda nasty. I personally like that. This car will NOT drive the way your Camaro did off the showroom floor. The other thing they didn't tell you was with heads, you also have to do valvetrain. Valves, valvesprings, rods, rockers, all that fun stuff. It adds up and gets pricey.
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