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Originally Posted by Lee123 View Post
Although I already posted, I can't help but come back with my age since many others are listing theirs and I might be the oldest one in this thread at 67. I gave up on motorcycles a couple years ago due to too many non-repairable metal parts (in me, not the machine) and the loud fast car makes up for it, most of the time anyway. I don't think it's quite as loud as my neighbor's Harley, though. He has no mufflers at all.
Ya I gave up my Harley right after I was suffering from heat stroke traveling threw SD and got dizzy and ran off hwy 90 doing 80 mph. I broke my neck and had my neck fused. I hit my head so hard that it crushed all eight of my back teeth ($19800.00 in just dental work to my teeth).I Lost about 80% of the movement of my neck. Came within a hair of being paralyzed or dead. Doctor said I would never work again but I am stubborn and got the Doc to sign off and I went back to work. My wife was on the bike also and luck she only fractured her pelvic bone but other than that she was ok. So we took the insurance money from our bike and got us a Camaro Convertible and my car is louder than my Harley. Lol
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