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It was ninety nine cents!
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I was recently able to drive a friend's 1LE, he has the same engine mods that I do (Intake, headers, JRE tune)

I have a 2011 SS, aside from engine mods, I have drop springs, and wider wheels and tires. (9.5w (275) 11.0 (315) )

For me the difference wasn't night and day, at least not on the street. Turning was a bit more crisp and responsive, but it wasn't enough to make me want to trade in my SS. The different gear ratio also wasn't enough to make me want to go to the dealership.

Don't get me wrong, the car drove beautifully! If the option was available in 2011 when I ordered my car, that box WOULD have been checked. Honestly, if you're ordering a new camaro and you don't see the value in this option you're not a car person.

All of that being said, I personally, feel as though it would be better to continue modding my SS at this point. I think an FE4 upgrade with some PFADT sways would be amazing, and a set of 1LE gears would top it all off. This can all be had for less than what it would cost me to de-mod, and trade in.

However some people HAVE to have the factory 1LE package, and that's fine too! The idea of a track ready car with a full warranty is pretty appealing. The hood wrap is dead sexy, the wheels are awesome. Such an amazing value for those buying right now.
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