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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
Postulating about a Z/28 akin the BOSS is based on the "suggestion" from the Camaro Team...

Just as the BOSS will make a much more enjoyable "track car" than the GT500, I suspect the Camaro folks are aware of the merits of something with 200+ fewer pounds over the front wheels and, perhaps, even "racier" feel/appeal. At least those with some "twisty" experience and intent would be readily aware and willing.

The precedent in-house would be a ZR1 vs. a Z06/Z07 vs. LS3/GS. Arguably, the "track star" Vette is the Z06/Z07, and that is where a Z/28 should be...
Correct, I'm certainly not disagreeing with you on most of those points. Only one I would contend is that the ZR1 will outrun the Z06 in most scenarios. The benefit is the loose and nimble feeling the Z06 (or any track-designed production car) inherently has.
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