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DIY side camera

Hi guys,

I am not sure if this particular setup has been done before. I tried to search but couldn't see this variance.

Here is a quick write up on my camera setup. I only prototype one side for now. It works great for what i need for somewhat little money. I will add one more on the other side and the front. The camera view can be switch easily using a remote control switch.

I would like a camera system to park in tight space and next to high front or side curve. It will also serve the purpose for blind spots while driving on the right side.

I don't want something that too obstructing while not use. This will not draw much attention when it in the folded down state.

As for the cameras, I want something small with metal casing. This will prevent damaging from gravel etc.

1 x 3.5" LCD folding screen - 28 dollars
2 x backup camera (left side and right side) 12 dollars each
1 x front facing camera 19 dollars each

Parts pictures:

I ran the camera cable above the wheel well cover across the hood and into through the firewall. There is a hole on the driver side so you don't need to drill (Thanks to the posts in this forum). Since i want this to be on all the time when i drive, tabbed into the lighter outlet.

Here is the working pictures:

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