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Originally Posted by Ayuir View Post
GM put what was necessary into the Z/28 to bring back the feel of the original. Not everyone could have one new then, nor now. Nor should they. This is the next best thing to a race car you're going to get off the showroom floor. It isn't for everyone.

Too many folks are thinking about a 1982 Z/28 (as an example). It was nice, it was fast, it was comfortable, but it was a watered-down version of what the car was in 1967. They've gone back to their roots and I think that's a good thing.

This car won't be for everyone. Lots of guesses as to the price (note: guesses). Some reasonable guesses, but guesses none the less. Will it be expensive? Yes. Most of us won't be able to afford one new. Buy one used in a few years. Wait for a C6 Z/28 that someone mentioned a day or two ago.

With the CAFE standards driving mandated mileage up, the Z/28 will get watered down again just like happened in the 70s and 80s. Or, if GM chooses to keep it pure, the price will go WAY up. The CAFE penalties apply to the GM fleet as a whole. A Z/28 drags down the average for the fleet making penalties more likely for GM. They have to either enginer the rest of the fleet for even greater mileage or pay the cost. Guess what, that CAFE penalty is going to get passed on in sticker price. Think they're going to raise the price of a Malibu to cover the cost of a Z/28's mileage?


As much as I'd love to have a Z/28 badge on my Camaro, it isn't going to happen. The Z/28 needs to stay based on it's original form, and I think GM has nailed it. I need a DD and so as much as it pains me, A Z/28 isn't in my future. Maybe a 1LE, probably not a ZL1, maybe a modded out 2SS/RS.

But the point is, GM has given all of us the choices to find the Camaro that fits each of us. Don't cry because you can't get the badge you want, instead get the performance and comfort combination that works for you and THEN look at what badge you end up with. Then revel in that badge and boast about it all day.

After all, you could be driving a Mustang....

Well said! GM cannot possibly build the perfect car for everyone. The Z/28 is a magnificent car and lives up to its heritage which is the best street-legal Camaro track car that Chevrolet can produce. If it's not what you want, don't buy it. But frankly, I'm pretty disappointed with the amount of, shall we say, 'complaining' that is going on here. I'm amazed at the choices that are available in the Camaro lineup. Find one that fits your needs, buy it, if necessary mod it, and enjoy. Or go buy a Mustang! But don't 'complain' because GM didn't make exactly what you want.

And remember what fbodfather said about CAFE standards. I believe his point was that there was no way that GM was going to stick the LS7 in a 1LE and sell it as a $5k upgrade. I don't think GM has the CAFE room to sell 10,000 of those things so I don't think that would ever happen. At this rate, the only way GM is going to be able to live within our government's CAFE standards and increase performance for the masses is with the gen6 when they reduce the Camaro's mass. And then it may necessitate a TTV6. I am definitely going to get stock in Kleenex before they announce that!!

All of this over a name....?? The car that everyone seems to want (the '80s Z/28 which was was a street car with some performance improvements) already exists! That is exactly the roll of the 1LE. It will eat a stock SS's lunch all day long (and most Mustang's, for that matter) for only a few dollars more than the SS.

I guess what I'm trying to say is don't hate because it's not what you expected or wanted. Look at the Z/28 and be amazed at what GM can do when it wants to! The Camaro lineup ROCKS!!!
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